Student Life

Student Life

As a student at the Samaprpan Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences you will have access to all of the institute’s facilities and services to support your studies and student life throughout your course.

The courses have following main areas:

  • Academic year and holidays
  • Placements and shift working
  • Travel

Academic Year

Unlike other institutes which have long list of holidays, the academic year for student nurses and midwives is45 weeks long and is divided into 50%theory and 50% practice.

On commencement of the programme, students will be detailed about the exact pattern of their theory, practice and annual leave.

Time is split between theory and practice placements. The theory timetable can vary from week to week. A typical week is made up of time spent in lectures, clinical skills laboratory, small tutorials and private study.

Annual Leave

Annual leave is allocated at the commencement of the course as per the government / faculty rules and is fixed for the duration of the course. Taking holidays out with these set times is not possible.

Practice Placements

Half your time at Samarpan Institute will be spent in practice placements. You will have a variety of placements giving you the opportunity to see patients and clients hospital and community settings, from inner city to remote and rural locations. You will work alongside colleagues from other health and social care disciplines. You can expect that you will have to travel to placements in a variety of locations.

Working Shifts

Students are expected to undertake the full range of shift patterns from the outset of the course. Students will also be expected to be on placement at weekends. In advance studies, students will normally undertake a period of night duty.


Students will be provided conveyance facility to attend camps or any activity organized by the Institute during the course period.

Educational Visit

As an important part of the course, the Institute makes arrangements for the students to make educational visits to places mentioned in the Nursing Council’s Course Contents. Upon completion of these visits, the students are required to submit a detailed activity Report to the respective Faculty Members.

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